Pandora ka Pitara

So night owls like me take the entire day to study and observe, even when people think we’re too busy doing nothing, and put pen to paper at night. Day 2, blog 2. A new story for the Strugglers.

Weird title for the blog, I know. Now people familiar with the Greek myths might know about the first lady to dot the earth – Pandora, the one who was bestowed with all. Created by Athena and Hephaestus by order of the mighty Zeus, Pandora was gifted to Epimetheus, brother to Prometheus who stole the fire from heaven. “Pitara” on the other hand is a Hindi word which means a box.

Now the tale of Pandora’s Box is that of theodicy which reasons as to why evil came on this earth. So the tale begins with creation of Pandora from earth and water as the first human lady and how she was offered a ‘pithos’ a jar which contained all evils, including death, diseases, sadness, jealousy, and was specifically asked not to open it. Yeah I know, give a child too many chocolates and ask him not to eat it, even if he knows the chocolates may make him sick. But as they say God work in mysterious ways, sometimes way too mysterious. So out of curiosity, Pandora opened the box thereby releasing all the vices on earth (btw thank you Pandora for making us mortals). However there was one last thing left in the urn which before being released was closed back in the box. The last thing was ‘Elpis’ -Hope. Well done Pandora! Could have waited for that thing to come out at least. So with hope still trapped in the box and all the evils out, earth was in a situation of pandemonium. It still continues to be the same way and we still struggling to find the hope which is locked in the pithos.

So that was the story, interesting ain’t it?

Now the entire plot of the story can be put in small parts of our life. The decisions we take, mistakes we make, repercussions, failures and what not all adds up to the things in small box we have for ourselves. For some it may just not be one box but many boxes. So it would be okay to say that we all have our Pandora’s Box which we try to open every day yet the things from past haunt us so we shut it back. Hmm. But what if the depth of these boxes may still contain the hope, the only thing which Pandora didn’t realise, the only thing which could have been a salve against any evil which was previously realised. Now I don’t say that it’s necessary to open every box, you still have chances of evil being poured out but somethings in the past are just not worth holding up for too long. Let them lose. Earn them. Forget them. Own them. Deal with them. Just don’t hold them. It’s better to forgive and forget. Now every box that you’ve piled up again may not be worth opening, so better check before hand that whether or not Elpis (hope) is there to help you out of it.

Forgive a friend. Love an enemy. Talk to your parents. Fight with your siblings. Laugh at a stupid mistake you made. Analyse a bad decision you took. Just find your hope and I hope you’ll be at peace.

That was the tale for the day. I hope it helps. I hope you Hope.


Welcome me!

So perhaps you might have heard of the ennui tale listeners but then ladies and men hold your on to your seats tight and Welcome Me! Your first Uninterested Storyteller.

22 years ago I happened, I happened to born and all since I’ve been doing since then is accumulating weird tales, some short, some long, some interesting and rest boring as hell. But it turns out that after 22 years, 10 months and 9 days I’ve finally tried to pen some of such stories down.

Now people who know me personally will claim of I being a person who sticks to place and just can’t shut up. Well they know me right because the moments in which I don’t talk, I think, think of world beyond possible explanation and get stuck in a warm vortex of my own thoughts. Warm because I am more than welcomed there. Ah! The struggle of life is hard specially when you’re neither a teenager not an adult. A strong sense of commitment, communication and complacency is what forces you to live. Now these 3 Cs are really important in life of any settled person or a person planning to settle soon. Commitment towards family, love, friends, future and what not. Communication with people around and communicating your ideas and communications to community (I am a fan of alliteration). And complacency, the feeling of content and satisfaction.

And absence of these three from my life makes it majestically visible that am neither settled nor willing to settle. Now let’s call me or say people like me a non-settling struggler or simply Struggler. Through my blog I want to reach to anyone and everyone going through this period of joblessness, of hopelessness and a bit of loneliness. It might be a phase. Phase every person goes through but I guess sharing our stories might help. You Struggler! Yeah you, I am talking to you. Let me just reach out a bit and feel more connected.

Let’s share here cause talking never hurts, take it from me. Even if no one is interested, some of us still will hear you out.